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Recent articles
document Process for upgrading or switching computers
If you are moving to a new PC, and have already reviewed the computer requirements, you may be wondering what you need to do in preparation for the change. By default, all program files for XGW are located in C:\xenetech32. All job data should be contained in the directory structure...
document VCS Requirements
Software Requirements and Prerequisites Windows XP or Vista or better for Windows 7 & 8 - If your layouts will come from Xenetech Graphic Workstation, you will need version 6.41 or higher to run VCS. - For layouts generated from other applications and run through the Xenetech Laser...
document Computer requirements
Software Requirements and Prerequisites . While users may have success with 64-bit windows for daily operations, in order to run the laser driver to output from all non-Xenetech supplied software, users must use the 32-bit operating system versions. Required Hardware Windows XP or...
document Xenetech Print Driver Version Part 1
Xenetech Print Driver Version April 2013     The XPD has come a long way, and now many of the functions and features that you were wanting have been implemented. Here following is a tour of its many capabilities:   The Main LSR Dialog   At the heart of the...
document Xenetech Suggested Laser Spare Parts
 Xenetech Suggested Laser Spare Parts by: Jimmy DuBose, Sales & Customer Service Manager  Be Prepared... The best way to prevent costly down time is to be prepared for common issues in your production department.  Your laser power is too low, and after inspecting your...