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Viper Communication Suite replaces Jobserver and ViperDriver
July 20, 2007

Baton Rouge, LA. –   Xenetech is very excited to announce that we will be releasing our new Viper Communications Suite, or VCS, this summer.

Encompassing all Xenetech XL Lasers and Viper Rotary engravers, this new communications software will add many new features to your engraving system and has been designed to work with the latest releases of the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system.


Viper Rotary system owners will have the following features available in the VCS software release:

• Preview of the job to be engraved will now be available on the Viper® pendant touch screenImamge preview and manipulation from the VCS Touchpad.

A  benefit long recognized by users of Xenetech XL series lasers, this preview feature with full zoom and pan capability is available for the next job to be engraved as well as any previously-run or saved job files that are located in the host computer’s hard drive.


• With the release of this new software, we have enabled the use of an optional pointer diode on your system. This diode can be used in conjunction with new plate size from pendant feature, and finding new X,Y offsets from pendant. The diode can also be used for trial runs or to show the extents or boundary of the text to be engraved on the plate.

Also available to current XL-series laser owners:
• The included JobReporter provides reports on the actual run time of each Xenetech Viper system. Available data includes daily, weekly, or monthly detail.

• The VCS upgrade also allows for remote operation or tracking of an engraving job with Job Console. This utility can remotely start, stop, and display the progress of an engraving job IN REAL TIME right on your PC monitor! (or the monitor in a remote manager's office or control room)

• Directly execute .dxf and .cnc files from the engraving equipment

Who can use the upgrade?
As of July 2007, – All Xenetech Ethernet-based rotary and XL- series lasers are heretofore referred to as VIPER.

Any customer that is currently using Viperdriver, or Jobserver software can upgrade to the new Viper Communications Suite [VCS] at no charge.

How can you upgrade?
Software upgrades are available for download on the Internet at or can be ordered through the Xenetech factory regional distributor.*

The installation and operation manual for the VCS is bundled with the upgrade. Technical assistance is also available from factory support and regional distributors.

*Shipping charges may apply.


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