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Xenetech Partner eurolaser Develops Precision Cutting Laser Options

European laser cutting and engraving system manufacturer, eurolaser, has developed two important tools to enhance cutting precision and automation in Xenetech XLT and XLE lasers. These enhancements include a “cutting option” and an “optical recognition option”.

“eurolaser is a recognized world leader in laser cutting systems and they have taken technology that was once reserved for larger, expensive laser cutting systems and have adapted it for smaller format, cost effective Xenetech systems,” stated Guy Barone, Xenetech President. “With the integration support of John Lundberg our R&D Vice President, eurolaser engineers have made this technology available to a world of creative Xenetech customers. It will be fun to watch the profitable and unique ways these options are used.”




New Laser Cutting Option

Precision Cutting Cone For Xenetech Laser Engraving SystemsCustomers that use their Xenetech laser primarily for cutting acrylic, plywood, polycarbonate foil, textiles and related materials, can now take advantage of the new cone, air assist, and vacuum extraction table developed by eurolaser.    Pictured here, this unique design forces air or gas through a cone attached to the lens holder and positioned over the material. Below the material is a vacuum table which pulls air through the cut, reducing flame-up while cutting.

The cone offers two unique design features. First, it works with Xenetech’s patented auto focus, automatically setting the distance from the lens to the material . Second, it is designed to allow for quick changes from cutting to high speed raster (engraving) applications.







This laser cutting option provides many benefits:

- Laser cutting of extremely fine contours and practically radius-free inner contours;

- Non-Contact processing eliminating mechanical stress of the material;

- Polished acrylic edges even in filigree contours, without rework;

- Fusion of textile edges eliminating preparation or rework; and

- Outstanding cut of multi-layer foils.


Precision Cutting Cone For Xenetech Laser Engraving Systems - Closeup

Click here to view a video of the laser cutting option in action>>>


Optical Recognition Option

Typically optical recognition systems have only been available in large, expensive laser cutting systems, but that is about the change. eurolaser has developed an optical recognition system for Xenetech’s 1325 and 2436 laser systems.

The recognition system reads registration marks on a material to ensure the accuracy of the cut. Using the CCD camera (see photo) and software, the system quickly reads the mark relative to the cut pattern and executes the precision cut(s). Traditional applications for optical recognition lead cutting are embroidered and other textiles, membrane keyboards, and other pre-printed materials. However, the integration of this option into cost effective Xenetech systems opens many new applications and opportunities for smaller run and personalization, niche business such as preprinted signs, name tags, models, decals, scrapbooking, puzzles, cards, stationery and other multi-process, cut out opportunities.

Camera used for optical recognition on Xenetech Laser Systems


The benefits of the optical recognition option include:

- Positioning and cutting based on a reference mark;

- Automatic compensation for material shrinkage, stretching, and twists;

- Precision laser cutting, especially on printed materials; and

- High processing speeds and reliability with short setup time.

See video of the Optical Recognition Laser Cutting option here>>>

For more information on eurolaser, please view their website at .


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