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Xenetech Now Colors Your Rotary World

Baton Rouge, LA July 1. 2009. –Xenetech Viper Color Touchscreen For Rotary EngraversXenetech has developed and will begin including color touch screens with all Xenetech rotary Viper® engraving systems – the Viper 912, Viper 1313, Viper 1625, Viper 2525, Viper 2550, JE Jewelry Engraver, and the GE Gift Engraver. This follows our announcement in late spring of this year that all Xenetech laser systems will now ship with color touch screens (see this release).


The new color touch screen for rotary systems will enable users to locate job files within the host hard drive and network; preview, pan, and zoom in on the actual job before engraving; as well as have complete control of the job’s execution at their fingertip. The Xenetech touch screen has on-the-fly speed control, re-engrave command by character, line and plate, plate resizing from the engraving table, full Z-Axis control, point to an area and engrave placement, setting home positions, maintenance settings and monitoring, and many other features. The color touch screen replaces Xenetech’s green monochrome touch screen and provides new enhancements including: increased touch responsiveness and command execution speed, displayed position counter by character, line, and plate, and improved contrast and visibility.

Going forward, the new color touch screens for both rotary and laser systems will now be the platform for touch screen new feature development. As new features are available for the color touch screen, Xenetech will make these features available via

Existing owners of Xenetech ViperII Electronics will be able to upgrade from “Kermit green” monochrome touch screen monitors to color touch screen monitors. Xenetech system owners should contact their area distributor or Xenetech at 225-752-0225 or for more information. Conversions and pendant swaps may be done at the factory, by an authorized Xenetech distributor, or for most models by a customer.


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