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Introducing the XL Duo Combination Laser & Diamond Drag Engraving System

Baton Rouge, LA 2/18/09. – Xenetech announced today that the company has combined the laser engraving and cutting of a CO2 laser with diamond drag engraving capability of a rotary engraver into one system. Xenetech’s new “Duo” will enable engraving on a wide variety of materials including reflective metals – aluminum, brass, silver, gold, and stainless steel, plastics, wood, acrylics, leather, glass, coated metals, and more. The company believes this technology is the first of its kind in the world and has a patent pending.

Xenetech XL Duo - Combination Laser and Diamond Drag Engraving System

The Duo fits on a desktop and sports a futuristic looking case. It features a full color touch screen control pendant, a sturdy four-point leadscrew/rail table mount design, 4 ¾” of z axis clearance, a dual laser and diamond drag capable motion system, a rigid extruded x-axis with polymer bearings, and 75 inches per second raster engraving capability. Each system will ship with a copy of XGW-32 professional engraving application software which enables both laser and rotary engraving. In addition, a laser print driver will be available for use with third party design software such as CorelDraw®.

“We currently produce stand alone laser engraving/cutting systems as well as diamond drag or scratch systems, but we wanted to provide users with the ability to do both without buying two machines,” stated Xenetech President Guy Barone. “We talk with customers every day that need both forms of engraving to satisfy their customers. Sometimes they need more of one form than the other, but regardless they need both types of engraving and end up buying two machines or turning away work. Now the Duo will replace the need to buy two machines and it will be their busiest machine because of all it can do.”

Xenetech combined its 22 years of experience with rotary and laser engraving motion systems to formulate the new Duo design. In addition, many of the key component parts are borrowed directly from proven designs used in prior Xenetech laser and rotary systems such as the electronics and bearings.

“This system utilizes the best of Xenetech’s motion system, laser beam delivery, electronic, and mechanical engraving technologies,” stated Research and Development Vice President John Lundberg. “The use of these technologies together was a natural progression for Xenetech and will be a natural progression for the entire engraving industry. We are extremely pleased to offer this new product.”

The Duo will be shown for the first time at the Awards and Recognition Association International Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 121, February 25 through 27. In addition, the AES Group will show the Xenetech Duo in their booth 81-112 at the Visual Impact Image Expo, in Melbourne, Australia, March 6 and 7. Xenetech will be taking orders at these shows for shipment this spring.

Xenetech develops and manufactures a full line of computerized rotary engraving systems, laser engraving systems, and professional engraving software for the recognition, sign, rubber stamp, jewelry, gift, and industrial marking industries. Established in 1986, the company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and maintains a global distribution network. For more information about the new Duo or Xenetech’s family of engraving products, browse their website at or call them at 225-752-0225.

There are several reasons why your shop should consider a Duo:

  1. Flexibility - The Duo gives your business the ability to move quickly from laser engraving to diamond drag engraving based on the demand from your customers. If your sales call for 90% laser engraving and 10% diamond drag or vise versa, the Duo can do it. There is no need to cross your fingers and hope that your 15 year old diamond drag machine will fire up for an important order or that competitor you subcontracted your diamond drag engraving to will come through. The Duo gives you the power to confidently say yes to your customers.

  2. Capacity – With the Duo’s standard 12” by 18” engraving area and 75 inch per second raster speed (extremely fast and productive for a desktop), the Duo gives your business the extra capacity it needs and will quickly become the workhorse of your shop.

  3. Product Advantage – The combination of laser engraving and diamond drag on the same plaque or material adds significant value over what your competitors can offer. Engrave the logo with a diamond and laser the text. Outline the lasered text with diamond. Your creativity makes the machine limitless. The bottom line is the finished product will be better, more in demand, and of higher value than what the shop without a Duo can supply.

  4. Cost Effective – The Duo will give you a very quick payback and high return on investment by using either method of engraving. The combination of engraving methods enhances this even further. You can buy two machines, two computers, train on both, and maintain them, or buy one at a huge initial and ongoing savings over the two.

  5. Security – As with all Xenetech products you have the comfort of purchasing a system manufactured in the United States through a company with a network of talented distributors, and a proven track record of 22 years of customer service responsiveness. The Duo comes with a two year Xenetech warranty.

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