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September 1, 2006

Baton Rouge, La. – Xenetech’s Viper GE gift engraver was chosen among several engraving systems by MacDaddy’s Fishing Lures, Inc. to engrave The Million Dollar Lure.  “This was the only system we could find that could hold and engrave our lure.  With Xenetech and Stuller’s (a Xenetech distributor) reputation we knew we were in good hands,” stated Mac McBurney, Co-Founder and Head Designer.  “The system did an outstanding job,” continued Mac. 

The Million Dollar Lure is crafted with just over 3 pounds of 14-karat and 18-karat gold and platinum, and then encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies (4,753 stones to be exact).  The big game lure sells for $1,000,000, is over 12 inches in length and was designed after the winning lure of the 25th Annual Black and Blue Bisbee’s Tournament.   The million dollar lure will be fished with at the 26th Annual Black and Blue Bisbee’s Tournament in Cabo San Lucas in October.  This lure is the first sold of 25 to be produced.

Xenetech Senior Customer Service Representative Ben Rosenstein engraved the lure at the SJTA Atlanta show in the Stuller tools booth on the show floor with an audience of show-goers watching.  “I’ve certainly engraved millions of dollars of product over the years, but this is the first million dollar piece I’ve ever engraved,” stated Rosenstein.  “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little tense, but I have extreme confidence in the GE and as expected it set up and engraved fast and easy.  I just hope it can catch a fish,” continued Rosenstein.

Xenetech develops and  manufactures a full line of computerized rotary engraving systems, laser engraving systems, and professional engraving software for the jewelry, recognition, sign, rubber stamp, and industrial marking industries.  Established in 1986, the company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana maintains a global distribution network.    For more information about the Viper GE Gift Engraver or Xenetech’s family of engraving products, browse their website at or call them at 225-752-0225.


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